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We had a lovely concert in St Mary's, Walthamstow for Music in the Village. It was a great chuch to play in. The audience were very responsive and we were looked after very well by Peter McCarthy. We also had some videos taken - check them out on YouTube

We're now working on some exciting new collaborations - more news soon!

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APRIL 2014


Milngavie Music Club

Today is the day of our first gig with Victoria! We had a very early start taking the train to Glasgow. We arrived at Euston just in time to buy food at Marks and Sparks - and ended up with 4 bags of mini chocolate eggs! The journey was mainly taken up by eating and sleeping! Milngavie is very pretty and we had a good rehearsal. The gig went really well and we received many nice comments from the audience.

We travelled to central Glasgow for our Premier Inn. Then went for post concert drinks in the bar where we were accosted by some people who wanted us to play and sing to them - we told them to order our new CD instead! :-) We're hoping our new album will arrive in the next few weeks!



MAY 2014

Artisans tour diary


May 14th

It's the first day of the tour and thankfully our new album arrived! We set off very early for Ilminster so we had time for tea and cake in Bilby's Coffee Shop....and then pies for lunch!

The weather is so sunny that it really feels like we're on holiday! In the afternoon we spent an hour giving a workshop on medieval music to Year 8 children. We were very impressed and they even joined in with singing and percussion.

We then headed off to Plympton for a Slippers Gig (where you stay in the same place you're performing). The lovely Colin and Monique organised a house concert for us in their living room! There was a lovely audience who were very good at singing and even learnt 'Sumer is Icumen in'.

Afterwards we were treated to some fantastic food and drink, including Monique's scrumptious homemade cheesecake!

May 15th
Today we all had a lazy morning with a lie in followed by brunch in the sunny garden. Victoria spent so much time in the sun she glowed red for the rest of the day!

We then travelled to the beautiful village of Shute. It's surrounded by fantastic views - and we even saw the sea!

The church was surprisingly cold, but it had a nice acoustic and warmed up once the audience arrived. We had a good concert, and were then treated to wine, cheese and biscuits.

We're being looked after very well!!

Bilby's cafe for tea

Us with the lovely Colin and Monique
Our first concert room!
Brunch in the garden

Last minute practice!
Rehearsal in church

May 16th

We had a very early start because our first concert was in Bridport at 11am!. It went really well - and the audience was in good voice!

We then travelled to Ilminster where Catherine (organiser of Concerts in the West) treated us to food at a lovely vegetarian cafe.

It was then time to go charity shop shopping - Sarah bought several items of clothing and Hazel bought a board game! Good job we have space in the van!

Then it was time for a photo shoot, a two course meal (including banoffee pie), then the concert! The audience was very smiley and we sold a lot of CDs!

Enjoying our lunch!

Gig at Ilminster Arts Centre

May 17th

It's another lie in day!

Then in the afternoon we stopped off at Sidmouth to have ice cream on the beach - followed by more charity shop shopping! This time I bought a new purple concert dress!

We then travelled to Exeter for our last concert of the tour. It was a lovely evening and we sold even more new CDs.

We would like to thank Catherine and all the other organisers and hosts from Concert in the West who have looked after us so well and helped to make this a fantastic tour!

Ice cream in Sidmouth
Unpacking the car


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