The Artisans: an exciting new medieval and Renaissance band

The Artisans

Emily Askew: Director
(Vielle, Bagpipes, Recorders, Shawm, Percussion)

Emily Askew is an extremely versatile musician playing recorders, vielle (medieval fiddle), bagpipes and fiddle. Her interests are wide and varied reaching from the deep roots of folk music through to Medieval, Baroque and contemporary repertoire.    More...


Hazel Askew
(Medieval Harp, Voice)

Hazel is known on the folk music scene for her singing and melodeon playing, but she started her musical education on the specialist music scheme at Pimlico School, where she studied concert harp.    More...


Sarah Stuart

Sarah’s interest in medieval and renaissance music has grown out of her early encounters with period performance as an apprentice on the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment’s experience scheme for young players.     More...


Victoria Couper

Victoria's illustrious career began whilst, still in single digits, she composed, directed, and performed in a family production on the subject of flying pigs. She has never looked back... More...

Matthew Robinson (guest member)
(Voice, Oud)

Matthew plays a variety of plucked strings and has recently taken up the Oud which he has found useful for Medieval Iberian repertoire.    More...


Nicolás Mendoza (guest member)
(Rebec, Percussion, Symphony, Voice)

Nicolás started his musical training at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá, Colombia where he learnt piano and violin.     More...


Alexis Bennett (guest member)

Alexis discovered the vielle at the Guildhall School. It was in a cupboard next to an old Mars Bar and a copy of Cosmopolitan. He stole the vielle and the Mars Bar and has never looked back!      More...